Names or Initials To be Issued, the note needs a DATE which was used for interest calculations:
ISSUED Military & Civil Agents - Confederate Treasury Department (Other if unknown)
This is a partial listing of Reported Issuers (by name) found on 1862 Interest Hundreds aka 730 Notes
This list is a compilation by CSA Trainmen from the original lists of Robert Ares and Crutch Williams
This list is not meant to be all inclusive.  It probably has errors in spelling and some listed names may be
incorrect spellings.  These are simply names that have been reported.  Some are verified but many aren't.
Reported Reported Type
Name or Place Title or Rank 39 40 41 Comments & Other Misc. Information
Adams, H. B. AQM
JUA Ansley, John U 1st Lt MSK Initials Only 
Arnow, George J. Capt AQM
Ashby, Robt. S. Capt AQM
Bailey, Chas. F. Lt. AAQM X
Banks, T.A. Capt AQM X
Barry, A.J. Capt AQM X
Bean, L. M. (Name) 1st Lt. Co A. 17th Mississippi Infantry
Beauchamp, J. J. Maj ACS
Bell, Wm. F. Capt AQM
Blaney, George Civil Agent
Bloomfield, B. Maj CS & QM &c X Signs some as Maj &c (etcetera)
Bomar, B.F. AQM X X
Boone, O.C. Col X Special Agent War & Commerce Dept
Boston, John Civil Agent - Collector Savannah Ga.
Boughan, J.H. Capt AQM 13 VA Infantry
Boyd, A. QM
Bradford, J.W. Capt AQM
Brannon, Wm. H. Capt AQM
Bridgewater,J.C. ACS X 1st Brig Calvary 
Briggs, J.B. Capt AQM
Brittain, W.P. Texas County Clerk
Bromehouse, J.J. ACS X Chattanooga, TN Assist Com Sub
Brown, A.B. Capt AQM X
Brown, B.W. AAQM & AQM Beaumont Tx
Brown, J.B. Capt AQM X X formerly incorrectly listed as "Bronet"
Brown, Jno. L. Maj & CS
Brown, J. N.
Brown, N.B. Capt & AQM X stamp issue
Brown, Thomas L. Maj &  QM
Bruce, James  Maj & QM middle initial "W"
Bryan, A.M. Maj QM X
Burke, T.A.  Capt AQM X T= Thomas
Burton, W.G. X ? Could be W.L.
Bucher, D. Maj & QM
Butler, G.W. Teller Treasury Dept Clerk
Butler, J. W. Capt ?
Byers, J.S. Capt ACS S= Stodard
Cabell, A.S. Capt ACS X Bonham TX
Cabell, E.C. Capt AQM
GWC Caldwell, GW Capt AQM Initials Only
Caldwell, J. Ed.  ACS Capt
Cameron, Jno. D. Capt & Asst QM X Jno= John
Camp, A.S. AQM X Capt   Anthony  1st & 27 TN
Carter, T. Capt AQM
Cary, R. Millen Lt. Art. & Ord. X
Cazaux, A.D. AQM X Capt 18th NC Regt
Chaffie, O.P. Maj & QM X Brigade Quartermaster Department
Chrisman, J. B. Capt ACS
Clark, W. J. Capt ACS
Cochrane, R.E. AQM In: Private Out: AQM
Collingsworth, F. AQM X
Compton, J.R. Maj QM
Connell, W. Lt. AAQM X
Cooke (no initial) Capt QM&C(oS) (William Bushrod Cooke)
Corprew, O.H.P. Capt AQM
Craft, Addison Capt AQM
Crawfield, B.B. Capt AQM ? Same as Camfield ?
Crocker, J.W. Capt AQM
Cross, Edward initials EC X Agent - Little Rock & Washington Ark.
Cummings, J.F. Maj & CS X also stamp - Atlanta ComSub
Cuyler, Rich. M. Maj Art & Ord
Daingerfield, JEP Capt MSK X Military Store Keeper
Danner, A. Capt AQM X X A= Albert
Dashiell, George Capt AQM Paymaster
Davenport, H.M. Capt AQM X
Deaderick, W.W. Capt AQM X X aka Deadrick, William Wallace 
Decker, John Capt AQM X
Dibrell, W.C. Lt. AAQM X X Com Sub Prov Auth on T41
Dickinson, J.P. Capt AQM Tuscumbia
Duncan, W.E. Maj QM X X also Capt AQM
Dupree, Thomas C Capt AQM X 2nd Regt Arkansas Mounted Rifles
Dyer, W.E. Maj (P)QM
Eckford, Jno (John) Capt AQM X Woods 36th Tex Cal aka 32nd Tex Cal
Ector, Wiley Maj AQM X
Ellenburg, L. Maj CS
Eliott, W.P.(?) Maj CS   Com Sub Morgans Division
Ells, A. Agent Treasury Dept. (unknown which one?)
Ells, H.N. Capt Georgia Artillery  (unknown which one?)
Erskine, W.F. Capt AQM
Fairbanks, G.M. Maj QM
Findlay, C.D. Capt 2nd Lt; Capt; Lt. Col. Ga Infty
Fleece, G.B. Probable Agent Treasury Dept.
Ford, Wm. C. Capt AQM
Foster, J.M. Maj CoS
Foster, Thaddeus Capt AQM Probable Florida Pvt to AQM
Fraley, Jno. U. Capt ACS X aka John U & John W & Maj. QM
Francis, J.C. Capt ACS Probable John C 30th Ala. Infty
Friedrick, Wm. State Agent Head Texas Asylum -hospital
Frizzell, John Capt AQM X previously listed as [sic] Frisse
Fulton, J.B. X Unknown - Agent?
Gassett, C.W. QM CSA was 21st Regt Tenn Infty prior
Gibbons, I. AQM I= Israel (Capt not written)
Gibbons, J.L. Capt AQM X Is this same as last with wrong initial?
Giddens, W. W. Capt AQM
Gilpin, H.A. Capt AQM X X CSProvArmy Corpus Christi TX
Ginley, O.G. Capt AQM
Glover, James Maj QM X
Goodwin, C.L. Maj & QM X marked as "Disbursed" instead of issued
Goodwin, W.T. Dep & Col X X CS Agent - Depositary & Collector
Gottheil, Edward Chief Engineer X Dst West Louisiana, Alexandria 60th N&A
Govan, W.H. Maj & QM AQM 2nd Arkansas Infantry
Graham, R.H. Maj QM X
JHG  Gray, J.H. Capt AQM initials only
Gresham, J.F. Capt ACS
Guerard, E.L. Capt AQM
Guidry, O.A. Capt AQM X Unsure if last name is correct
Guirot, A.J. Asst Trea CSA X X known Mobile & Jackson 
Gurley, O.G. Capt AQM 40th & 11th Tenn.
Haines, W.F. Maj QM X Chief QM, Pay QM &c 1 Missouri Infantry
Hamilton, Tho. D. Maj & Br. QM X Rome, Georgia (probably Philips Legion)
Harmon, W.B. Agent? Or possible VA military?
Harris, W.S. Maj & QM WS= William S. from Florida
Hesletes, T.R. Capt AQM X
Hicks, J.T. X Probably Police Detective on loan to Treasury
Hightower, J.C. Capt AQM X Probably GA issue & J= James
Hill, J.A. AQM J=James Probably NC & listed Capt.
Hill, R. J. Maj QM
Hillyear, Giles Maj. CS X
Holt, G.W. Maj & C Commissary Subsistance / Maj I.G. (no state)
Hooper, H.R. Maj AQM ? Likely Capt AQM and later Maj QM  or both??
Horbach, J.P. Capt & AQM Later Major QM
Hord, E. L. Capt AQM Later Major QM
Houser, Jno. A Aqr = AQM (John) Listed as Capt & 1st Reg Geo Infty
James, G.W. Maj QM X Could this be G.W. Jones below?
Johnson, W.R. Surg PACS W= William, Surgeon PACS, Arkadelphis AR
Jones, G.W. Maj. QM X Previously listed GM Jones 4th AL Infty
Kelly, F.H. or "W"? ACS Capt 50th VA Infty aka Frank & Francis W.
Kennedy, C.W. Capt AQM
Keyworth, Robt W. Maj. CS X Chief Com Sub Maj Gen Van Dorn West TN
Kincannon, Jas. AAQM X James  1st Lt. 41st Miss later Capt AQM
Klumph, J. Eby Maj & AQM X
Lanigan, Thos. Maj & CS Thos = Thomas
Lauderdale, Jno A Maj QM
Leath, P.M. Capt QM X Also, Maj & QM
Lege, Chas. L. Capt AQM X also, Capt & Post QM - Houston, TX
Leigh, James Y Capt AQM
Lewis, Theo. Capt ACS
Lilly, Edwin 2nd Lt AQM As Camp Lilly - Later AQM Houston TX
Livingston, T. Capt ACS X aka "F" Livingston later Maj & QM
Llewellyn, D.H. Maj & QM 14th KY cavalry
Loebnitz, H. E. Capt AQM
Lovelace, B.F. Capt AQM
Ludington, Saml. C. Agt. Subst. Dept. X Samuel - Agent Subsistance Department
Malone, F.A. AQM CSA X Some Capt AQM and others "no rank" given
Martin, W.O. Capt  CoS
Mason, M.J.M. Capt ACS X
Mason, R.M. Maj & QM Polk Corp (13th TN Infty)
Massie, J.B. "other" Agent? Quite a few notes seen - Unknown
Massingale, H.T. PM Paymaster - Also Capt QM
Maurice, James Capt AQM X
McClaine, R.P. Capt AQM aka "Rufus" 7th Reg TN infty
McClure, J. F. Capt AQM
McConnel, Issac *** Capt & AQM (not written)
McDonald, A. Capt AQM X X Andrew W. identified 60th Virginia 
McElrath, H. McD. Maj & P.QM X X stamp known also (several of each)
McGaughy, J.G. Capt ACS J= John, also Maj CS (4th Ala Cav)
McKay, James Capt AQM
McMaris, J.J. "other" Agent? Several seen - (could be McMoris)
McMahon, Ed. Maj QM
McMain, W.H. 1st Lt MSK
McMicken, M.B. Maj QM
McPhearson, John C.S.N. X Atlanta, Georgia - Assistant Paymaster Navy
Michaeloffsky, J.G. Capt AQM X
Miller, Edgar Capt AQM X
Miller, Henry M. Maj & CS X
Miller, J. Capt AQM X
Miller, James T. agent Depositary & Collector, Wilmington, NC
Miller, Samuel A. Capt AQM X Elected House of Representatives
Minter, Thomas N. AAQM X Hempstead, Texas
Moore, W.F. Capt & QM W= William, 51st VA Regt
Moore, W.H. Capt & AQM
Morrow, E.G. Lt AQM EG= Elijah Graham Morrow 28th NC (infty)
Mosely, P.G. "other" unknown status
Moses, A.J. Capt ACS Or, R.J. Moses ?  (both on record - same?)
Murphy, J.J. Maj CS X Commissary of Subsistance
Nicholson J. H. Lt AAQM
Nixon, J.W. Paymaster X Rank is usually CS Navy (known early Army)
Noble, Thomas J. Maj QM Chief Post QM
WHN  Northrop WH Capt AQM initials only
Norton, J.E. AQM X
Nutt, Wm. D CC  William D Nutt Chief Clerk CS Treasury Dept.
Oates, R.W. AQM X Capt 37th Reg NC Infty
O'Neil, Sam AQM Sam= Samuel, Capt & AQM
Parker, "Dr" Surgeon (issued during Gettysburg battle)
Parker, James Maj. AQM X
Patton, W.A. Capt AQM
Paxton, James G. Maj. QM X X (various manuscript)
Pendleton, J. H. Maj QM
Peters, S.T. Maj & QM
Pettyjohn, A. Capt AQM X 45th Regiment VA Infty
Peyton, Jas. T. Maj & QM Listed Park Service as Capt AQM
Poteat, John M Capt AQM
Pressley, B.C. Asst Trea CSA X X Charleston Depository - stamp issued
Prince, Samuel Capt AQM
Ragan, A.B. "no rank" X He was Major Quartermaster Department
Ramsey, J.G.M. "official" X X Depositary Knoxville, TN (Banker by Trade)
Ransom, Jno. C. Capt AQM X Jno= John
Read, F.N. Capt AQM X specimens known without rank indicated
Renter, J.G. Maj. QM X
Roberts, T.A. Capt AQM X T= Thomas  
Rogers, C. P. Capt AQM
Rogers, McD. Maj. & Chf. Q.M. X also reported as John D.
Rumble, Steven E Capt AQM
Rupert, Charles Maj. QM X Could this be Russell and error in reporting?
Russell, Charles Maj. CSPA X X Acting Brigade Com-Sub San Antonio, TX 
Sandford, T.J.S. Capt ACS
Saunders, Fleming Capt AQM
Scott, H. T. Capt Ord
Scott, Robert T. Maj QM
Scurry, Thomas J Maj QM Known to be Houston Texas
Sellers, John S Capt AQM
Semmes, B.J. Capt. AQM X
Semmes, S. S. Capt AQM
Senac, Felix Paymaster X C.S. Provisional Navy - Atlanta, Ga. 1863
Severson, C.S. Maj. AQM X X X
Sharp, J.B. Capt. AQM X
Sikes, J.R.H. Capt AQM or QM
Sligh, J.W. A.Q.M. X
Smith, F.V. Ast Dep & Cash X Agent Mobile Savings Bank '62 AC; '63 Cashier
Smith, Howard *see description X * Surgeon and Med Purveyor  (Arkansas)
Smith, R.H. Capt. AQM X
Smith, Thos. B. *receipt notation X Pencil: Funds "for" Col (later General) TB Smith
CES Snodgrass CE Maj QM initials only
Sorley, J. "agent" X Collector Galveston, Depositary Houston, TX
Spires, A.O. X AO= Arthur Oscar (Montreal, Canada - unknown)
Stackpole, E. M. Capt AQM
Stainbock, L. E. Maj AQM or QM
Steel, A.L. AQM X
Stones, J.M. Capt. AQM (?) X J= Joseph 12th Reg Geo Cavalry ACS
Story, L.W. Capt AQM
Stubbs, C.F. Capt ACS X
Summers, A.G. Capt. AQM X
Taylor, R.T. Maj. AQM X
Tazwell, Thompson Capt. AQM X or is this Tazwell Thompson (reverse names) ?
Teasdale, H.R. Maj. QM X
Theobold, G. P. Capt AQM
Thomas, D.H. Capt. AQM X
Thomason, W.D. Capt AQM X X
Thrush, W. Capt. X
Tilton, N.O. Capt. AQM X
Van Fossen, J.C. Capt AQM
Vass, Douglass Capt AQM
Vick, Alex Maj. QM X
Walker, George Capt AQM
Walt, Martin Maj. AQM X
Webb, W.G. Receiver State Civil Notation also JA Green Interest Paid
Wharton, E.C. Maj. QM X
Wheadon, John J Capt ACS
White,  G.W. ACS Agent
Wickham, W.L. Capt. AQM X
Wilbres, ? "agent" Unknown, presumed to be agent
Wilson, J. A. Capt AQM
Williams, H.M. Capt. AQM X
MHW Wright, M.H. Artillery Major initials only
Young, J.W. AQM X J= John, he was Capt.