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Our New Commander Roger Adamek TM30
with Col Crutch Williams CSA TM01

Roger bought dinner creating a New Tradition

2012-2013 Commander Roger Adamek TM30
with Mike McNeil TM13 at Corky's
carrying Randy Shipley's Dinner


      Mike McNeil TM13 and
        Randy Shipley TM007
      after Mike delivered the
              ribs to his room


Chris Jones TM35
at Randy Shipley's table
admiring a Hoer of  questionable repute as
"All Aboard" Vernon Valance TM19
strolls by
(notice the sly expression like the cat that just ate the canary)


Our Very Own

Amanda Sheheen MM01

Real Trainman
'All Aboard'

Vernon Valance TM19

with Special Agent
Hank Simmons SA17
in background

                                                                                                Col Hudson McDonald CSA - TM20
                           Ralph Allen TM42
                        Mike McNeil TM13                                                                   Amanda Sheheen MM01                                                              Looking for S. Pelot notes                                                                                          with her father
                                                                                                                                Austin Sheheen SA12

Pierre Fricke TM10
Case #1
Hoer Varieties Memphis 2012

         Pierre Fricke TM10 & Fred Reed SA08                        Adjutant Wendell Wolka TM40 top center
               At SPMC awards breakfast                                     SA Fred Reed SA08 bottom left &
Pierre Fricke
                                                                                                TM10 bottom right each holding their new book

       Doug Davis TM Special Agent SA13                              Johnny Rowe TM Special Agent SA16

Secret Agent Wayne Hilton SA04 personalizes his new book
Collecting Confederate Currency: Hobby and/or Investment
for Randy Shipley TM007

                     Richie Self TM Secret Agent SA01                          Austin Sheheen TM Special Agent SA12

Hank Simmons TM Special Agent SA17

Left to Right
Greg Ton TM Secret Agent SA11  *  Randy Shipley TM007
Col Crutch Williams CSA TM01  *  Hugh Shull TM Secret Agent SA04

Let to Right
Adjutant Wendell Wolka TM40  *  Wayne Hilton TM Secret Agent SA04
Col Crutch Williams CSA TM01 *  Randy Shipley TM007

Trainmen Family Pictures

  Amanda Austin Olivia
                    Enrico Aidala TM45 wife Emanuela & Children                 Amanda Sheheen MM01/TM05
                   Matteo, Simone, Elisabetta Aurora and Lorenzo                   with Children Austin and Olivia
                                       at Turin Italy