Place The type listed is the first reported.  Other types are sometimes found
ISSUED Town, Location, Business, &c
Locaton State Type How Issued Other Information
Alexandria Louisiana T41 Manuscript
Arkadelphia Arkansas T40 Manuscript by WR Johnston Surgeon in Charge PACS
Atlanta Georgia T41 Manuscript
Atlanta Arsenal Georgia T40 Stamp
Austin Texas T41 Manuscript
Bank of Columbus Georgia T39 Stamp
Battery Fusiler Louisiana T41 Manuscript Bayou Teche mud fort - Pelican Artillery
Bonham Texas T41 Manuscript
Camp Brown Georgia T41 Manuscript at Georgian Military Institute
Camp Lilly Texas T40 Manuscript "in" Camp "by" "Edwin" Lilly later AQM at Houston Texas
Charleston South Carolina ALL Post Mark
Chattanooga Tennessee T41 Manuscript
Columbia Tennessee T41 Manuscript
Corpus Christi Texas T41 Manuscript
Dallas Texas T41 Manuscript
Fort Archer Virginia T41 Manuscript
Fort Brown Texas T41 Manuscript Brownsville
Franklin Louisiana T39 Manuscript
Galveston Texas T41 Manuscript
Goldsboro North Carolina
Grenada Mississippi T41 Manuscript also T40 found
Greenwood Mississippi Manuscript
Hempstead Texas T40 Manuscript also T41 found
Houston Texas ALL Various includes ReIssued stamps
Jackson Mississippi ALL Various Postmark & Mansucript
Jefferson Texas T41 Manuscript Cotton Merchant
Knoxville Tennessee T40 Manuscript also T41 found
Lenoir North Carolina T40 Post Mark
Little Rock Arkansas ALL Manuscript
Mechanics Bank Georgia T39 Manuscript
Mobile Alabama T40 Manuscript also T41 found
Mobile Savings Bank Alabama T39 Stamp (see FV Smith)
Monroe Louisiana T41 Manuscript
Montomery Alabama ALL Various stamp & manuscript
Montreal Canada T41 Manuscript not verified!
New Iberia Louisiana T41 Manuscript
Richmond Virginia ALL Manuscript Stamp found for T41
San Antonio Texas ALL Various Mancript & Postmark
Savannah Georgia T39 Various Manuscript with Depository Stamp on T41
Shelbyville Tennessee T40 Post Mark T41 also found
Talledega Alabama T41 Manuscript
Texarkana Texas T40 Post Mark Reported but not verified - I'd love to see!
Vicksburg Mississippi T40 Manuscript Unit designation Artillery Unit
Wilmington North Carolina T41 Manuscript