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Advertisement by CSA Treasury Introducing the 730 notes:  June 4, 1862
Updated 23 August 2020

The first 7.3% notes were sold out of the Confederate Treasury Department on May 5th, 1862.  Interest was set to be paid on January 1st of every year.  When interest was paid a STAMP or MANUSCRIPT endorsement was added to the back of the note.  There are quite a few stamps that indicate the place where interest was paid.  Some are common and others quite scarce.  Some IP are unknown like the one shown above.  While we don't know by whom or where these unknown stamps were applied we can at times make an educated guess to a general location based on other endorsements or stamps on the back of the note.  A few of the manuscript IP indicate location, but most simply say Interest Paid.  

While most IP are January 1st, there are a few known with other dates.  July 1st IP are known as stamp and manuscript.  Other dates such as March 28th and July 3rd are known in manuscript.  Other dates could show up as more people take the time to inspect the back of their notes. {Please Report Unlisted IP}  

The Interest Paid Location lists the known IP for both varieties of Trains {T39 & T40} & Hoers {T41}.  The stamps illustrated in this section are common to all three issues.  Comments about these stamps are are personal opinions and if I'm aware of a differing opinion, I will notate it. 

Don't Assume These Images Are Exact Sizes
I have tried to make them look near the exact size but over the years Image Sizes have Varied
You should be able to get a General Idea of what each looks like and also the
Shapes of Numbers, Letters, Position &c

This is especially true of the UnKnown Location Stamps 

Known Location IP Stamps

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA :  1863, 1864, 1865

Only one variety of 1863 has been reported
Augusta Georgia
     This is a Counterfeit Augusta 1863 on CT39

Augusta Georgia
            1864       Two variety of 1864 has been reported

Augusta Georgia
              1865    Augusta 2nd Variety Blue    1865 has two styles and two colors

  Augusta 1865 Black 2nd Variety  

:  1863, 1864,  1865

Charleston S.C. 1863  Charleston S.C. 1864
  Charleston SC 1865

Last two digits of dates missing!

New Discovery 2020 by TM13


            1864 Red                              1865 Black                                 1865 Blue
Columbia S.C.
              Red 1864   Columbia S.C.
              1865   Columbia S.C.
       1864 Dark Blue                     1864 Small Light Blue



          1864                            1865                        1865 Variety


        1864 Large Type                        1864 Small Type                     
1865 Usual Blue Ink             
Columbus Miss
              1864   ColumbusMiss64_small    ColumbusMiss_65       


JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI :  1863, 1864, 1865

Jackson Miss 1863     Jackson Miss 1864    Jackson Miss 1865

The above are three standard types for Jackson MS. 
Below are examples of manuscript alteration to old IP stamp.

            Manuscript 5/3                                  Manuscript 5/4

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE :  1863, 1864, 4/3
Knoxville TN 1863
  Knoxville TN 1864      

<  This is a BOGUS Knoxville IP Stamp. It is slightly smaller than a genuine IP stamps.  Notice the hyphen between month & year.  This is NOT a contemporary stamp.  This stamp was made and added to notes by a collector during the late 20th Century who didn't own one and thought it would make his note worth more.  He is said to have made a Little Rock Bogus IP Stamp too.

MACON, GEORGIA :   1864, 1865 Red/Orange    Color Variety  1865 Black
 Macon GA 1864   Macon GA 1865  

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA :  1863 {color var}, 1864, 1865 

Montgomery AL 1863    Montgomery AL 1864    Montgomery AL 1865

                                                           New Variety ~ 1864 Blue           New Variety ~ 1865 Black (photo)


This is a BOGUS Montgomery IP stamp.  It isn't comtemporary.  Notice it says 1963.  The exact reason this stamp exists isn't known, but we speculate it was added during the Civil War Centennial in 1963 designating interest was still being paid 100 years later.  It is nothing more than an interesting conversation piece.  Everything else related to the note it was found on was genuine.

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA :  1863, 1864, 1865 

    Raleigh NC 1864    Raleigh NC 1865

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA :  1863, 1864, 1865  New Varieties  Courtesy Roger Adamek 2013

Richmond VA 1863     Richmond_63sm.jpg  
    Large AT                                   Small AT   

Large AT - Red                          Small AT - Red-Orange
Richmond VA 1864     Richmond_64sm.jpg   
         Large AT                                   Small AT

  Richmond VA
                1865     Richmond_65sm.jpg    
Richmond VA 65 Var2
             Large AT                                   Small AT                               Small AT - Crude 
SAVANNAH, GEORGIA :  1863, 1864, 1865 

Savannah GA 1863   Savannah GA 1864   Savannah GA 1865


                   Normal 1864                             ^ New discovery 2012 - Small 1864

Tallahassee FL
                   Normal 1865                          The 5 fell out of the stamp or it didn't 
                                                                  ink correctly and it was corrected.  

WILMINGTON, N.C. - Henry Savage Depositary :  1864, 1865


UnKnown Location
IP Stamps
There are a lot of UnKnown IP Stamps.  The following are a representative sample of UnkIP.

LARGE TWO LINE :   1863, 1864, 1865/4   Manuscript 5 over 4Same Type  Common
    These are believed to be from Trans-Mississippi and very possibly Texas.    They are found quite often with Houston and San Antonio issued notes, although a few have been  found on notes issued in Mississippi [AT] ie Jackson, MS.  I have never seen this IP associated with any Eastern areas [AV].  
    We have now (January 2015) seen enough of these IP associated with Places, "Other" Persons and military Officers in the Transmississippi that there is no doubt in our minds that they are a Texas Intrest Paid Stamp.  Some believe that San Antonio is most logical as that was the main location for business between Mexico and the Transmississippi Department.  I am inclined to agree.  

Standard 1863

   <   This is manuscript 4 over standard 1863

UnkIPLg64  Standard 1864  

UnkLg2_65a3.jpg  1865 / 1863

   This is 5 / 4 / 3

  1865 / 1864

1865 / 186?   (probably 1864)


LARGE TWO LINE :   1865   Only a few seen

This IP might be Army of Tennessee area.  Not enough specimens seen to make an educated guess other than to assume it's not from the Army of VA area.  It's very near the same as the last examples and it too could be a Trans-Miss IP.

Large One Line (Two Different Shown) : 
Look almost the same but  Numbers in Date are slightly different.

< Look at very minute differences:
    Tips of  the "1" are different than next example (enlarge image to see)
    NEW to List 2010

New to Census - 2013  Order of Text is Reversed!  RA

UnkLg_Paid_Interest_65.jpg Most likely the stamp was put together this way by accident and was corrected for subsequent stamping.

LARGE ONE LINE with BARS :   1863  
Several have now shown up since people starte looking

This IP is probably from some some location in the Southeast such as inland from populated areas such as NC, SC, GA, AL and perhaps MS.  It is well made and was probably made for use by a traveling agent.  There is no way to know exactly where it was used.

LARGE ONE LINE with BARS :   1864  
Newly Reported (2) as of Feb. 2010 

This IP has just now been noticed.  There could well be more of them out there.  It appears to be the same type print as the 1863 above.  I'm unsure if the 'type' (size) is identical or not as the images are not the same resolution but it appears to be.  Bars are set closer on this stamp.

Mixed Small Print & Medium size Date (MEDIUM in SIZE) ONE LINE :  1863   Only a few seen

UnkMed63 Origin unknown but probably SC or NC.  Found with Charleston Postal issued and between Raleigh, NC 1864 & 1865 IP.  

Charlie Knupp TM26 believes this unknown Interest Paid stamp was used in and around Wilmington, North Carolina. The font looks similar if not exactly the same as the Wilmington January 1863 Issued Stamp and the Henry Savage 1864 Interest Paid stamp
(see above).  After viewing a number of Trains with both of those stamps as well as sandwiched between a manuscript Issued Wilmington 1862 and a Henry Savage Interest Paid 1864 I too believe this to be a very logical assumption.

LARGE:  Two Line:  1865   This stamp is fairly common and known for various varieties.  

    This image shows you three (3) variety of this stamp.  The top example has the type set almost completely straight and is incompletely inked.  The middle example has complete inking, but we begin to see the "IN" in interest raised just a little bit above the other letters.  The last example shows us a drastic shift in the type with "IN" raised even more so above the rest of the letters. 

    These differences are
due to the looseness of a screw and/or the spacers that held this IP stamp together.  Primary area of usage is unknown at this time.


MEDIUM in Size TWO LINE 1864 :

    I have only seen a few of these although as collectors look for them a few more have shown up.  There are likely more than a couple die states for these Interest Paid stamps.  At top you see one that is almost straight.  The bottom example is drastically curved and shows doubling likely from the looseness of the type in the collar.  (Very similar to the Large 2 line 1865 shown above)

MEDIUM TWO LINE :   1865   First of this type that I've seen (Oct 2006)

Keith Edwards UnKnown 1865
This UnKnown IP was found on T41 with UnKnown 1863 manuscript Issued and Medium Two Line Curved 1864 of the type shown above.

SMALL TWO LINE :   1863   Common
UnkSm2_63 Seen with partial round collar.  Found on a wide range of notes issued from Richmond and Montgomery, also with IP from AT areas like Augusta & Savannah GA as well as Jackson & Columbus MS.  ONE stamp or one of several similar stamps is unknown at this time.  Origin most likely Richmond, VA sent out with from Treasury dept.

Error Stamping

Sm2Line_63_ErrorObv.jpg     This ERROR Interest Paid is placed here for display.  We really didn't have another place to put it.  Obviously this was an accidental stamping on to the front of this 730 note. 

Ink Variety!!
    1863 as at top but was stamped with BLUE ink. 
    This is only example currently reported.  (AS 2013)


Small TWO Line :  1864    Scarce!

        Recent discovery - probably overlooked.
       This stamp is definitely not common!

SMALL TWO LINE Blue :  1863  Seldom seen

Origin believed to be Columbus, Miss.  The ink is the same color [lighter than Montgomery] as found on 1864 & 1865 IP's from that location.  Also, the small type is similar to the 1865 IP stamp from that city.

SMALL TWO LINE :   1865   Seldom seen

Unk2Line1865 The one example I have is found with Montgomery Issued roundel, Montgomery 1863 IP, 1 July 1863 and Medium 2 line 1864.  This leads me to believe it's from South East AV or Gulf Coast area AT.

Mixed: Small TWO LINE with Micro - Date:   1865
    Showing this new stamp with small 2 line for comparison
    No one has ventured an opinion on how scarce this IP is; but, only one I've seen!

MEDIUM TWO LINE :   1 JULY 1863   Quite Scarce!

1 July 1863 IP Stamped into the Montgomery Issued roundel, I don't think there can be any question this IP was used by that depository.  1863 interest was also paid at Montgomery.  I believe it is known on other issues but those notes could have been brought to Montgomery for interest payment. 

Manuscript IP
There are an even greater number of manuscript IP of known and unknown origin.  These are just samples of the many that can be found.  The only known Stamp Odd-Date IP is shown above.  There are a number of Odd-Date IP at the end of these examples of Manuscript IP!

JANUARY 1ST, 1863 :   Two Examples  - 
1863 Manuscript IP are seldom seen!

Jan 1st, 1863 IP a 
Normal January 1st 1863

January 1st IP
    Much Less Common 1 Jany 1863

Another handwriting variety, ie JanY 1/63

    <  Interest Paid Up To..  
        January 1st 1863
        *Extremely Unusual!

JANUARY 1ST, 1864 :  Common
Jan 1st 64 IPa   
Jan 1 1864 IPb

Jan 1 1864 IPc  

Jan 1 64 IPd
           "Interest paid To Jany 1 '64"
This is written in the handwriting of Edward Cross 
who was Chief Depositary of Arkansas.

Here's a manuscript 1st Jany 1864 that isn't so common.  It also has a NAME - Henry Savage, Depositary and a PLACE - Wilmington, North Carolina.
 A second reported example is shown.  It has the first name spelled out and Depositary spelled out.  It is missing  "1st" before January stating simply January.(If you have one of these please report it.)



This is a manuscript Columbia S.C. that says Interest Paid to January 1.1864.  It is sandwiched between Charleston (SC) 1863 and Columbia, SC 1865 IP stamps.  Columbia isn't a rare place by any stretch of the imagination, but finding it manuscript is quite unusual in my opinion and especially so for an Interest Paid notation.  

This is a Columbus Mississippi
Interest Paid to January 1, 1864
along with a Jan. 1st. 1865 Columbus, Miss stamp.  
Very Scarce Interest Paid fully written out location.

This is a manuscript Richmond (VA) with a set of initials after the location.  I don't recall seeing a Richmond manuscript.  Richmond stamps are quite common but this manuscript sure isn't!  I'm not sure what initials are indicated.  Looks like 3 and could be ASW or RSW.  I can't tell. 
Here are two examples of an oddity. 

Interest Paid to January 1, 1864 (Manuscript) at Tallahassee (Florida) is under the 1864 Tallahassee IP Stamp for 1864.  The example at left is a T40 Train and at right a T41 Hoer.  The red ink is odd in itself and seeing two of the same dated Interest Paid stamped over the same statement handwritten is Very Unusual.  These two examples are all that have been reported as of Feb 13, 2017.  Crutch TM01

JANUARY 1ST, 1864 and 1865 :  Fairly Common

Jan 1 1864 & 1865 IP

JANUARY 1ST, 1865 :  Common
Jan 1 1865 IPa  
Jan 1 1865 IPb    

Uncommon are these Blue Ink manuscript Interest Paid.  Here are two examples.  One is either under or over an 1865 Macon Georgia stamp.  I believe the stamp is over the handwritten IP and likely they were writing them and someone found the stamp and started using it overstamping one they had already written the IP statement on.  The first one says "Int Pd to Jany 1/65" and the other says "Int paid to Jany 1 1865".  There are currently 3 pieces known of the example at left and one known of example at right.  Both varieties were reported to me Jan 2013.

 RA    AS

5/3  A very unusual Interest Paid combining manuscript with stamp.  First reported where Place was crossed out.

    Whoever paid the interest in 1865 simply wrote a 5 over the 3 on this Jackson (MS) 1863 stamp and crossed out JACKSON.  This "5" appears to be exactly like the 5 written in over 3 on an "Issued January 1st 1865/3" recently added to this site.  That issued manuscript is found on the page showing Date Only.  The practice of writing a number over another number is found on many of the Transmississippi notes.  Study of many of those notes (manuscript issued place and/or person) leads us to believe the interest was paid at San Antonio Texas.  This stamp and other mentioned came from a dealer in San Antonio Texas.  RA


These are Extremely Scarce!

October 11th, 1862

This is now the earliest reported Interest Paid  - October 11th 1862.  This note was issued June 26, 1862.  Here we have everything one could want to see on this T39 Train.  Interest was Paid and the number of days have been calculated and then it was Reissued October 26th, 1862 (this image will be seen on the Person page) and signed by James Sorley who was the Depositary for Texas (also Collector Galveston).  What a wonderful note! [RA 1/27/13]
(This is a Civil Agent.  For First Officer IP see R.J. Hill March 1st, 1863)

December 8th, 1862
This is now the 2nd earliest Reported Odd or Non-Standard IP statement for the year 1862.  As you can see interest was paid a little over two months prior to the note being Re-Issued at Houston Texas on Feb 20th 1863.    [AS 2013)

January 28th, 1863

    This note was taken in for "dues" (taxes &c) on Jan 28th 1863.  Interest was "allowed" even though it is mark "paid".  The note was then Re-Issued on February 19th 1863.

February 4th 1863

This is really a neat example of Odd Date Interest Paid.  This note was paid interest to and likely on the specific day of February 4th 1863.  It is now the 2nd earliest Odd Date IP that I have recorded and first for 1863 after the specific 1 Jan date.  Most likely the note and the interest were used to pay Taxes.  The note was then reissued from Houston on March 9th.  Inteerest was again paid to 1 July 1863 and finally 1 Jan 1864.  There was no 1865 IP stamp on the note.  

The unknown IP below for 1 July and 1 January tend to tie those two IP stamps to the Transmississippi.  We don't know where they were applied but likely it was in or around Houston with only four months between issuance and interest paid.

March 1st, 1863

  R. J. Hill    AQM  CSA
This is the only example I'm aware of where an Acting Quartermaster paid Interest on a 730 note.  We have proof that Quartermaster's (AQM &c) were defacto employees of the Treasury Department in that they were bonded and were put 'On Report' if they didn't file their paperwork.  If they didn't comply with Treasury rules, they were removed from their office (rank).  Here we have a non standard Interest Paid on March 1st 1863 by this military officer.  Hill was assigned to the 22nd Alabama Regiment and was Bonded.  His post was Knoxville TN in September of 1862 and according to records dated Feb 11th and March 4th, 1863, he was at Shelbyville, TN when interest was paid on this 730 note.  The note this endorsement is found on is a T41.  [RA]

July 1st, 1863 (see stamp for same date)

This one is interesting as it has red issued date of March 9, 1863, Interest Paid (manuscript) July 1, 1863 and then two other unknown 1 January for 1864 & 1865.

July 3rd, 1863

July 3
                        [1863] IP w/amount

Really Neat "Interest Allowed" 17 Oct 1863

Interest Received

These are the only two reported "Interest Received" Trains dated 1 January 1863
They are closely numbered T39's - No. 21141 and No. 21143 - Issued July 22, 1862

October 19th 1863

This has to be one of the most unusual Interest Paid statements I've run across.  Whoever presented the note for interest payment took it upon himself to notate the date and amount of interest he received and wrote "Rec'd (Received) October 19th 1863 (the above listed) $8.16".  The note is a T41 that was issued on September 6, 1862.  It was 408 days from time the note was issued until paid on this Odd Date of October 19th, 1863.  The only IP stamp is Jackson MS for 1864 and by that time the stamp was likely located somewhere below Jackson or perhaps near Mobile AL or even as far away as Atlanta.  

4 February 1864
(See Misc Interest Calculations at end of this section)
Link to Feb 4th 1864 Example

March 28th, 1864
Mar 28, 1864 IP

Manuscript April 8, 1864
Here's a really interesting note with 1 Jan Stamps for 1863, 1864 and 1865
It also has manuscript

12th April 1864


Another 12 April 1864

May 3rd, 1864
{In Pencil}

See Interest Calculation for complete note

July 1st, 1864
{In Pencil}
Alex La July 1, 1864 IP

{Same In Ink}

Misc Interest Calculations:  
A few examples to show some Interest Calculations found on 730 Notes.  Most are in pencil but a few are found in ink.


     Interest on 9 Notes
    Up To 4 February 1864

       This calculation is in Pencil
This is also an Odd Interest Paid Date

     Unknown Small 1864 Interest Paid Stamp
    This stamp is Very Scarce!
    Interest was Calculated in INK  
    from October 2nd, 1862 (Registry Date)
Obverse of Note
     Notice Corrections:  You don't count the day issued
     1)  Changed Oct from 30 to 29 days  (2 to 31 is 29)
     2)  Total from 91 to 90
     3)  Plus + 365  is whole year
     4)  365 + 90 = 455 days at 2 per day = $9.10 (not shown)

    May 3rd, 1864

    This calculation has to be for more than one note plus some additional time for interest allowed on this specific note.  The numbers are days of the month from issuance date on front of note through May 3rd.  At first I found myself off a day, but I went back and looked at the Calendar for 1864 and found that February had 29 days.   Obverse Image   Reverse Image
These calculations are in Pencil:  

    16 30 31 for Oct - Dec 1862
    31 28 31 30 31 30 31 31 30 31 30 31  for Jan - Dec 1863
    It also shows 124 (days to & including) May 3rd '64

     31  Jan
    29  Feb  (leap year)
    31  Mar
    30  Apr
      3  May  (Here it means through or including)

   124  Total Days
   There had to be two notes with same issuance date which gave a total of 884 (442 ea) and then an additional 124 days was allowed to May 3, '64 giving an additional 124 days for one note = 1,008 days x .02 cents = $20.16

Interest Due  -  August 30th 1864
When we only had one example we thought this might have been a "unique" way of writing "Interest Paid" &c; but, since a second example has been discovered; the current consensus is that the person holding the note wrote this statement and may or may not have actually received the Interest that was Due on the note

    This may have been either an interest paid or an interest allowed showing the amount:  $13.22.  This is Iron Gaul brown ink and is quite "unique". < was unique

    The interest notated as due, $3.38, is incorrect.  The note was issued (dated) June 30th 1862.  This is the reason we think an individual likely wrote this notation.  He simply figured 30 days for each month and added 19 more days at 2 per day.  So, Five (5) months x 30 days = 150 @ 2
= $3.00 + .19 x 2 = .38 for a total of $3.38.
    This is still an extremely Scarce notation in that it is only the 2nd one discovered since we started this site that says Interest Due
Obverse    Reverse

This is the END of this section. 

New addtions will be added as found.  The manuscripts are just to give you an idea of what is seen and there are many different unknown manscript IP statements.  If you should find anything you think is different with the stamps please contact Roger Adamek so that your discovery can be added to this listing.  I probably won't add any more of the manscript IP unless they are an Odd Date.

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