Depository or Other STAMP ONLY
All Interest Paid stamps refer to January 1st unless notate otherwise
This list has never been fully updated and has missing locations and/or Type
City State T39 T40 T41
Augusta Georgia X X X
Charleston South Carolina X X
Columbia South Carolina X X X
Columbus Georgia X X
Columbus Mississippi X X
Fayetteville North Carolina * Known on Train
Jackson Mississippi X X X
Knoxville Tennessee X X
Macon Georgia X X X
Montgomery Alabama X X
Raleigh North Carolina X X X
Richmond Virginia X X X
Savannah Georgia X X X
Tallahassee Florida X X X
Wilmington North Carolina X X
*  Fayetteville is known to be found on Trains but variety isn't known at this time.
It has been reported but not verified on Hoer.  Once thought to be common!
See Image Page
Alexandria Louisiana X
Augusta Georgia X
Houston Texas X
Little Rock  Arkansas X
Rome Georgia X
Salem ** North Carolina X
** Salem hasn't been seen since I sold my example around 1994.  I never thought
it to be scarce.