Trainmen Pictures
Dalton, Georgia
Second Gathering

Some Images are slightly out of focus.
Imaged - Left to Right
Greg Ton SA11, Brad Ciociola TM49, Hank Simmons SA17, Chris Jones TM35,
Vernon Valance TM19, Pierre Fricke TM10, Crutch Williams TM01,
Jim Fitzgerald TM34, Randy Shipley TM007, Hugh Shull SA03

Randy Shipley & Chris Jones

Greg Ton, Hugh Shull & Hank Simmons

Jim Fitzgerald with Shull & Ton back left

Hugh Shull, Brad Ciociola & Randy Shipley

           Pierre Fricke                  Joyce Fricke's Broken Arm!

Brad Ciociola

C. Vernon Valance

Randall Smith TM24 with Randy Shipley
Randall wasn't present for our Group Photo

All photos taken by Crutch Williams with phone.  No one brought a camera.
Sorry for the out of focus shots but better that than nothing at all.  <VBG>